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“It Was Like I Was in a Dream”: RCCSD Unveils Book Vending Machine for Students

“It Was Like I Was in a Dream”: RCCSD Unveils Book Vending Machine for Students

There are no lack of books within the walls of the Red Creek Central School District. There are thousands in the schools two libraries that can be checked out and enjoyed. However, there’s nothing like cracking open a brand new book that students can keep forever. That’s now an option for students, and it’s completely free.

In March, the Red Creek Central School District unveiled its book vending machine inside Cuyler Elementary. “There was a post floating around on Facebook and several people had tagged our school librarians and our PTA representatives,” said Jennifer DeVinney, Director of Grants and Community Schools. “We all agreed ‘wouldn’t this be amazing to have in Red Creek.’”

Book Vending Machine Ribbon Cutting

From February 27th thru March 3rd, Cuyler Elementary celebrated Read Across America Week. Students were asked to watch four mystery readers throughout the week and wrote down a mystery word that was given at the end of the video. Every student completed this task, allowing them to earn a special token specifically for the vending machine.

Student inserts coin in book vending machine

“It’s more of an incentive to get the students to read and enjoy books while rewarding them for positive behavior,” said Tina Johnson the Cuyler Elementary Librarian.

Those tokens can be earned by completing certain tasks, being named a RAMS Reader, or just by following the school’s RAMS Values; being Respectful, Accountable, Mindful and Safe. Once a student earns a token, they can take it to the vending machine, put it in the slot, and select the number that corresponds with the book they want.

“It’s really good because some kids can’t afford books and now kids can get free books,” said Skylar Stevens, a third grader at Cuyler Elementary.

A vending machine was also placed inside the atrium of Red Creek High School, which is filled with books aimed towards high schoolers and middle schoolers.

Class ready for book vending machine

Both vending machines were purchased using federal stimulus money from the pandemic. The first round of books also came from those funds as well as from a supply that Cuyler Library already had on hand.

Going forward, the books will be restocked using grant funds, community partners like the Wayne County Literacy Volunteers and through the Red Creek PTA using either Scholastic Book Points or from in-school book fairs.

“It was like I was in a dream,” said third grader Jayce Williams after getting his book from the vending machine. “I wanted to get a good book that I wanted to keep forever.”

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